Starting in 1960 several European packaging research institutes and one from the United States met every two years to discuss common problems in research and testing. Then in 1969 at a meeting at the Danish Packaging Institute in Copenhagen it was decided to officially form an international body.

IAPRI was established in 1971 with seven members as an international membership association to promote packaging research and education. IAPRI is a unique global network which allows organizations to communicate and develop ideas, exchange experiences and in many cases reduce duplication of effort. IAPRI was headquartered in the United Kingdom as an unincorporated association until in 2017 the offices were moved to the United States and IAPRI was incorporated as a non-profit 501-(C) (6) association.

Today IAPRI has 90 members from 29 countries.

Visit IAPRI Website: https://www.iapri.org/


The Aims of IAPRI

  • To establish and advance professional and personal relations between representatives of packaging research and/or education institutions in the world.
  • To share information and to obtain peer review with respect to methodology, analysis, and potential outcomes at early stages of research projects.
  • To exchange projected research interests which are being planned by institutions.
  • To exchange experience with respect to instrumentation, measurement and analysis techniques especially as they relate to development of new standards and test methods.
  • To give advice on the equipment and apparatus which may be employed by member institutions for specific research testing or education in packaging.
  • To avoid duplication of work by means of the above exchange of information between institutions during IAPRI working groups and conferences.
  • To promote packaging science and technology to important target groups, including international organizations, government bodies and foundations.
  • To contribute to the academic recognition of education programs on packaging.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Roland ten Klooster,
President, IAPRI
Professor Chair Packaging Design and Management at the University of Twente, Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. Roland is a Packaging designer and consultant on structural packaging and active in the scientific field working on accessible, sustainable, good looking and efficient fillable packaging. He has over 3 decades of experience and his speciality areas include Packaging design, management of packaging design projects, feasibility studies, independent judgement in court trials and for (governmental) plans, optimization of packaging processes, development, and engineering of packaging; PET bottles, glass bottles, boxes, plastic caps, etc.He is the owner of Plato product consultants which is Packaging design agency for structural packaging design. Clients are leading Dutch companies.

Mr. Jay Singh,
Immediate Past President, IAPRI
Professor, Packaging Program Director, Cal Poly State University,
San Luis Obispo, California, USA,

Jay enjoys an international reputation for research and consulting related to package design, distribution environment measurement and simulation, material and package testing, product-package compatibility validation, Life Cycle Assessment and Radio Frequency Identification applications for packaging. He has consulted with over 100 companies on various packaging research projects in the last 15 years in the automotive, pharmaceutical/medical device, food and beverage, furniture and several other consumer product categories.

Mr. Edward A. Church
Secretary General, IAPRI

Ed was President of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), serving in that capacity from 1995 until 2016. He is a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Packaging with both a Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Packaging. He is an IoPP Fellow and Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional and has an extensive background in transport packaging performance testing. He was one of the founders of Lansmont Corporation, including President. He is a member of the ASTM D-10 and F-2, and past board member of IAPRI. Church is a Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and is an Honorary Life Member. He has been inducted into the National Packaging Hall of Fame and the MSU Packaging Hall of Fame. Ed is also the recipient of the ISTA 2016 R. David LeButt Award. In his 50-year career in packaging, he has given over 100 conference presentations around the world. Ed became the Secretary General of IAPRI in January of 2018

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